Udderly Update!


Udderly Update


Milking has never been so EZ!


So after a busy and very successful year promoting and selling the Udderly Products we have been looking into our sales and marketing techniques to see how we can make them even better for next year as they are proving to be an invaluable product on the farm, small holding and at local studs. With its quick and easy set-up and very simple design anyone can use it, with the Milker doing all the work for you those with arthritis and other health issues due to years of manual labour have also had great results.

We have had endless amounts of positive feedback about the products and most people have come back for repeat purchases as they simply cannot be without it. It provides the key to preventing Mastitis as those producing too much milk for their offspring have been able to provide milk for others hence taking the pressure off the bulging udders and reducing the risk of infection from over production of milk. Plus it is great to know that nothing goes to waste. Also the ability to collect all of the colostrum has also been a godsend for a lot of hobby farmers; this is the kick start the young offspring need to give them the best building blocks to ensure they grow into strong individuals, as well as providing a huge amount of key nutrients and antibodies to ensure they can fight off disease and infection.

We are already planning and preparing for the next breeding season with new marketing campaigns and another huge order coming over from the States to ensure we can meet the increasing demand for this product, don't forget we sell not only the hand-held milking system but also the electric system for those with a more professional set-up. We remain to be the only stockist of this product within the UK but are looking to expand giving everyone the chance to get their hands on this evolutionary product from Wheeler Enterprise.

For more information about the Udderly Ez please do not hesitate to get in touch, we aim to answer all questions and queries as quickly as possible and provide the most up to date knowledge about all of the Udderly range!






The Udderly EZ Milkers are a great remedy as an aid in the prevention and in the treatment of mastitis in your horse, goat, cow, sheep or other exotic. Check out this letter we received from a customer with a very serious mastitis issue:

"I want to thank you so much for the Udderly EZ and all of your help. I have worked with horses over 40 years and this year was my first experience with mastitis. A very nice mare was given to me because of her history of mastitis. As I understand the only foals to survive were placed on nurse mares. In searching on line I found the Udderly EZ site, watched the videos and bought the device. I also contacted the company for any additional advice as this was a very overwhelming situation. I was very impressed with the fact that you took the time to help me and offered additional information about your experiences with this situation.

My staff and I watched the video two or three times, by the time the foal arrived we were totally prepared. We milked the mare out on the bad teat every 3 to 4 hours around the clock and now on day 4 the filly is so strong she is nursing both teats and our assistance is no longer necessary.

I can't thank you enough. The Udderly EZ made my life so much easier -- the time and the ease of the milking process was more than cut in half. It was so simple all of my assistants could perform the task by their self and the mare was extremely relaxed and comfortable during the entire process."

Best regards,

Kim Hobson
President, Hawthorne Products, Inc.