Udderly EZ Equine

The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ was designed and tested over a five year research and development period with input from leading industry Professionals, Flock masters, Herdsmen, Veterinarians and Breeding Farm Managers from around the world.

The Udderly EZ™ Mare, Pony, Donkey, Mini, Mule, Milker #EZ001 is the safest and most effective hand held, trigger-operated vacuum pump available. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and milking out mares that may have NI or to milk mares for extra milk needed during that time. A must to milk mares with mastitis and use as an aid in the prevention of mastitis at weaning time. The mares kit comes with one Pint and two 8 Oz bottles for the collection of colostrums. For unruly mares or other species it is advisable to use The Stableizer® to keep both the handler and the horse safe. The Udderly EZ carrying bag is handy to store your EZ Milker and extra bottles in.

Video: Udderly Ez Mare Milker and The Stableizer Clinic held at Iowa State Univ on 2/11/2013 Instructing studens on the procedure and usage to draw Colostrum from their mares for testing and building a colostrum bank in a safe inviroment, using The Stableizer. Conducted by Buck Wheeler with Peggy Miller-Auwerda, Associate Professor and Extension Horse Specialist.

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